• Tax Processing — Let Expedition Payroll handle the taxes for you. No reminders. No special reports you have to create. We do everything for you. We guarantee all deposits will be made timely and accurately. Your world just got easier.
  • Paperless Payroll — Looking to reduce the paper on your desk? Maybe you would just like to be one step ahead and more organized. With Paperless Payroll, you can receive your paperwork the same day your payroll processes in an Adobe® PDF attachment. Fast, Easy, Efficient. Check our Sample Reports. If your company is looking to reduce its carbon footprint, check out our Green Payroll. And if your business is ready for it, we have Self-Service Web access that is second to none.
  • PlatinumPay For our clients who are interested in the ease and security of a payroll service, but are still interested in controlling the data. A secure, comprehensive, easy to use program and, best of all, you can let us worry about the software and updates. No software to install, no updates to purchase, EVER.
  • Direct Deposit — The fastest, most convenient way to get your employees their money. No more running to the bank over the lunch hour, and no more checks lost in the mail.
  • Net Pay — Tired of payroll check reconciliation? Don’t worry, we do that, too. Simply sign up for our Net Pay service and we will draw your employees’ checks on our bank account and give you one simple line item for payroll checks each pay period.

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