• Special Reporting – If you have special needs we can design reports and make them a part of your regular reporting or for an as needed option. Clients using our PlatinumPay online product can create and download reports as needed using our simple report writer or sophisticated tools like Crystal Reports©.
  • Sample Paycheck Your payroll checks can be customized with your logo and have your bank-authorized signature(s). We also offer our NetPay check which saves you the reconcilement time of a special payroll account. In addition we offer our secure self-seal check form so your checks come sealed for confidential distribution or mailing.
  • Sample Quarterly Reports No more struggling to get the latest and most up-to-date forms for the IRS or your state reports. We create the reports and file them on time when you sign up for our full Tax Service.
  • Sample W-2s The dreaded year-end reporting can now be a breeze and all you have to do is hand out the W-2s.
  • Sample HR Reports – From the simple to the complex, we can provide the information you need to manage your Human Resource programs.

Expedition Payroll

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