• Channel Partners — Whether you are an Accountant, a Community Bank, or a HealthCare Service Provider, as an Expedition Payroll Channel Partner you will be able to profitably offer advanced payroll services, products, and customer service that outweigh offerings from your national competitors. You will be able to offer these as a local payroll service, giving your clients the same attention to detail and service that you provide through your other lines of business.
  • Private Label Programs — There are several different levels to the Channel Partner relationship. Perhaps the pinnacle is the Private Label Program. We offer you a complete payroll suite (software, support, customer service, and marketing tools), but everything is branded specifically for you. Your customers have the luxury of an advanced payroll service and the comfort and convenience of working with the name they know. The client retention advantage is unmatched.
  • Accountant Reports — If you want to receive copies of payroll reports for your clients each payroll, but have trouble tracking your clients down to provide them to you, let us email them to you with our Paperless Report Delivery service.
  • Community Bank Partners — As a Community Bank Partner, you have the opportunity to increase fee income, deposit balances, and market share while adding a service to improve account retention. Our Community Bank Program can be branded and tailored to the service level you desire. Our professional staff will completely support your customers or your staff in the service to your customers. Give us a call to see just how easy it can be to add our services to your bank.

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