• PlatinumPay Xpress – PlatinumPay Xpress is designed for clients who want the simplicity of online access but don’t need the complexity of our PlatinumPay product. This product is totally web based with all the features you need to make payroll the easiest process you have ever had but still have all the features you need for your business. Click below to view a video to find out how completely our product will make your payroll easier to handle. You can also give us a call to have a personal online demo of the rich features and functions available to you with this easy to use payroll management tool.


  • Quick Start Training Video – Click below for a PlatinumPay Xpress tutorial.

PlatinumPay Xpress Quick Start Training Video

  • Client Login – Click below to log on to your business desktop for PlatinumPay Xpress.

PlatinumPay Xpress Login

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