• We’re working to be green — We have begun the process of greening our headquarters. Our building is now supplementing our electrical consumption with solar power to reduce our dependence on traditional electric sources. Power consumption has been cut through the use of more efficient servers and the total conversion to LCD monitors. Internal office procedural changes have moved us toward a paperless environment.
  • Making your payroll green — It’s time to go paperless with your payroll. We’ve been providing clients with Paperless Payroll for years. This is a simple step in going green and one we can make easy for you. All reports can be delivered to your office electronically. Employee data can be maintained and stored as convenient electronic records. If you’re not ready to go completely paperless, we will tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • Other ways to go green — If you’re not ready to go paperless, we will provide carbon offsets for delivery of your payroll data to you. We’ve calculated the cost of offsets to become carbon neutral and we’ll purchase renewable energy credits measured to neutralize your unique carbon footprint. Ask about the unique pricing we offer for this service.

Expedition Payroll

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